March 9, 2016


Studio hours are Monday through Saturday by appointment only

All studio classes/sessions are 50-55 minutes, taught by experienced certified Pilates instructors using the authentic classical method and Gratz apparatus.


This is the best and fastest way to see your body change for the better - stronger, more flexible with increased control. A personal system is designed specifically for your body type to challenge and improve those weaker areas and provide the optimal results. This gives you the ultimate lasting changes. A one-on-one session with one certified instructor and one client, focusing on your body's needs with the Pilates apparatus as well mat work. This session is highly recommended for first time clients and those clients who want to get the best and most lasting results.
Studio Owner/Senior Instructor: 1 session *$99.50  / 5 sessions package *$475 / 10 sessions package  *$900
Certified Instructor: 1 session $85 / 5 sessions package $410  / 10 sessions package $800  


Two clients and one instructor focusing on both the Pilates apparatus as well as mat work. You will be taught specific exercises to address your individual needs and goals. Watch your strength and flexibility improve and your body change. Duets are ideal for partners with similar fitness and experience, who want to take advantage of the benefits of the whole Pilates system. We recommend that you find a partner; however, when possible, we will try to match clients up. Always fun to work out with a friend.
Pricing (per person):
Studio Owner/Senior Instructor: 1 session  *$70 / 5 sessions package *$335  /  10 sessions package  *$650
Certified Instructor: 1 session $60 / 5 session package $285 / 10 session package $550


Mat classes are limited to 6 participants. These classes incorporate the true essence of all Pilates work. Mat classes offer an aerobic series of floor work exercises designed to create body alignment, long, lean muscles, and core strength, while improving overall flexibility. A motivating and fun way to work out with people of a similar level. Contact us for current mat class times. We strongly recommend a private session first before you join a group class so you can understand technique and also find out if you need to modify anything for your body.

If you have a group of friends (minimum of 4) and would prefer to work out with people you know, we can also arrange your own personal group mat class instead of joining a regular scheduled class. Please contact the Studio to arrange a special time for your class.
Pricing: 4 consecutive weeks 4 class package (1 class per week)   $100


If you would like to work out in the comfort of your own home, your beach house, on holiday or away on a business trip - then we can help you. If you are unable to come into the studio for a session, we offer online virtual Pilates lessons, live with a teacher to put your body through it's paces. Your teacher can progress your workout, improve your technique and give you a great session. Do you want to work out with a friend or family member who is overseas? We can do that online - what a fun way to keep in touch.

Private, duet and mat sessions are available via Zoom, Facetime or WhatsApp. All you need is a phone, tablet, lap top or computer with a camera and a space for a mat.

Pricing: As above for private, duet and mat sessions.


A 30 minute appointment to assess your needs in relation to your injury. Teaching of the Basic Pilates Mat exercises with the necessary injury modifications. You can then progress on to the above sessions as your body allows. A good way to introduce yourselves to the Pilates Method after injury. Appointments with Katie Agnew, BHSc Physiotherapy
Pricing: $65


Both private and ACC funded physiotherapy is offered for injuries.  Thorough assessment and treatment by Katie Agnew BHSc (Physiotherapy) is done to evaluate your needs.  An ACC form is able to be filled out onsite at clinic without a Dr's referral.
Pricing: ACC Surcharge: Evaluation $40 / Subsequent Treatments $30   Private (Non ACC): Evaluation $95 / Subsequent treatments $65

Please note that payment is by eftpos, cash or direct deposit at the time of the session or in advance for packages. Packages and sessions must be used within 6 months of purchase. All packages are non refundable. 

Failure to cancel without 24-hours’ notice or not showing up for an appointment will result in a full charge for the session.                                      

"In short, study your body, know it’s good and bad points, eliminate the bad and improve the good.  What will be the result?  A perfect being both physically and mentally."

Joseph Pilates