March 13, 2016


Katie has been teaching Authentic Pilates for more than 13-years since being certified in New York, through Joseph Pilates New York Studio, under Master Teachers Romana Kryzanowska, Sari Meija Santo and Juanita Lopez.  Combined with Katie’s more than 20-years’ experience as a physiotherapist, she evaluates her clients’ needs in order to best help them reach their goals.

"My name is Harry Bartlett and I am a high performing Irish dancer that from previously being ranked 16th in the world for my age is looking to achieve top 10 at this years World Championships in Glasgow, Scotland.

After suffering with a difficult hamstring injury this time last year I have been working with Katie Agnew and Authentic Pilates and the benefits I have gained from this are invaluable.

From a male perspective (I will admit) I thought “Oh this will be easy” and I was quick to learn that Pilates is not what it seems. It is hard work, but the feeling is very motivating and encouraging, your body feels refreshed and balanced. Despite having an hour session you leave Authentic Pilates stress free and your body feels that it can accomplish anything.

Not only is this feeling gained from Pilates itself: a massive contribution to this is from Katie.  I am proud to call Katie not just a teacher, but a life coach, mentor, friend and most certainly family.  What she gives back to the community is a massive asset and is part of the reason why Authentic Pilates is the best in New Zealand.

To anyone interested in doing Pilates, or is looking for a way to recover from injuries effectively that helps muscles to regain strength and flexibility I would 100% recommend Authentic Pilates. They have been a massive contributor to my recovery and huge part of my preparation towards the World Championships.  Because of them , I feel I will achieve my goals!"

Harry, 18

March 21, 2016

"Almost 3 years ago I joined Authentic Pilates, it was such a good decision as I had become complacent with my gym routine. Initially I gained confidence in the group mat classes which are hard work but with lots of fun and light hearted banter .

 Katie has always impressed me with her knowledge, sense of humour and ability to assess, and respect, each person as an individual. For me, these attributes are key and I have never felt discouraged even when I am not able to do an exercise Katie will find another one to better suit my body.

 What have I gained by going to Katie’s classes? Confidence, strength, good posture and a great feeling of doing the very best for myself!

 In fact, I love Katies' classes so much I now attend 3 times a week by adding a duet and a private session!"

Sara, 59

March 21, 2016

"I have been going to Katie for the past 6 years and cannot recommend her highly enough.  I have improved my posture and my all round stability.

Her friendly manner in training makes you work harder and have a great workout.  She cares about your overall wellbeing and injuries are worked around safely to get you better.

Being a physio is a bonus as she has so much knowledge."

Glenys, 62

March 21, 2016

"In short, study your body, know it’s good and bad points, eliminate the bad and improve the good.  What will be the result?  A perfect being both physically and mentally."

Joseph Pilates