March 7, 2016



The Pilates Method integrates breathing, flexibility, strength, precision, control and body awareness through a series of more than 500 specifically designed, low impact, controlled movements. Engaging the body and mind, they are performed on 5 major pieces of apparatus and the mat.

There are countless benefits to using the Pilates Method of Body Conditioning. Increasing strength in all muscle groups, improving flexibility and posture, rehabilitation for lower back and neck problems, improving stability and balance, reducing stress and the overall reshaping of your body are just a few.

In their new custom built studio in Rothesay Bay, on the North Shore of Auckland, Authentic Pilates continues to maintain their high standard of teaching, with fantastic results shown in clients body's and lives.

Home of the National Training Centre for Authentic Pilates Education NZ we are also training the future instructors of NZ to uphold the original work of Joseph Pilates. If you are interested in becoming a Pilates Instructor or a Bridging Programme please check out the APENZ training website.




585 Beach Rd
Rothesay Bay
Auckland 0630

021 572211